Job Seeking Resources…

ikigai smallerNot sure where I found this picture now, but it is of a Japanese concept of the ‘sweet spot.’ I am praying that you find yours.

After evaluating the job market first hand earlier this year, I can say two things…

  1. There are a LOT of people looking for jobs right now
  2. There are some good resources available to help you, so spend the time really praying through what doors God is opening to you vs. just rushing in to the next paycheck.

Here are some good job seeking resources;

  • Oklahoma Works – OR just come into their offices, do the 1 hour assessment and magically you’ll be able to connect with thousands of free jobs and employers looking for candidates.
    • OKC – 7401 NE 23rd
    • South OKC – 9210 S. Western
    • Norman – 1141 E. Main
    • They also help with your UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CLAIM by calling 405-525-1500.
  • Staffing Agencies
    • Inceed – (finance & accounting)
    • Indeed – everything –
    • Accel –

However, if you’re not in an immediate need of cash flow, let me remind you that most jobs are not Googled, on Monster, or in any version of ‘classified ads’ they are found through RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships with God, yourself, & others that care for you.

Spend some time, and money, buying & reading these books; (blog reviews below also…)

  • Doing Things That Matter – Tim Mannin
  • Do Over – Jon Acuff
  • 48 Days to the Work you Love – Dan Miller
  • Who Moved my Cheese – Spencer Johnson
  • Visioneering – Andy Stanley

RETREAT – Get away from your house/kids/responsibilities for a few days to pray, rest, & ask the questions outlined in the books above.

Ask for help – After you’ve determined what God has wired you to be & do, get some time with your friends/family/others that care for you to recruit their ideas, networks, & prayers.

Rhythm – This is key. From day 1 of your job search process, make sure you are feeding things that are long term investments into every single day. This is not the time to be 100+ hour job search-focused & ignore the rest of your life (which incidentally is the thing that you are working to support anyway…).

  • Pray & spend time reading the Bible – Ps. 108:12-13 says, “…for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory…”
  • Sleep – seriously. get 8+ hours
  • Family – spend time loving on your spouse & kids. They feel the challenge too.
  • Food – don’t use this as an excuse to eat crap. Repeat regularly, “I look & feel better when I eat good & healthy food.”
  • Exercise – Energy & endorphins…and what other obstacles are in your schedule anyway?

Empowering Lives of Freedom,


Caregiver Resources…

I attended a the Sandwich Generation conference at UCO a few weeks ago and came across a number of great resources that I wanted to share for caregivers and/or anyone concerned about aging services and or dementia/ Alzheimer’s concerns.

Listen weekly to “Well Preseved with Eunice Khoury” on KTOK am 1000 in the OKC market at 7:06am on Saturdays or on the iheartradio app.

Caregiver Resources

  • Sunbeam’s Caregiver Fundamentals Program – 8 week super helpful course. Info at
  • –
  • Caring for Caregivers –
  • eCare Diary –
  • The Caregiver’s Voice –
  • Caregiving Cafe –
  • Caregiver Support –
  • Medicare info –

Alzheimer’s Support

  • Alzheimer’s Reading Room blog –
  • NORMAN Alzheimer’s support groups
    • Arbor House Care facility – 1st Thur of month – noon.
    • McFarlin Methodist Church – 3rd Wed of month – 11:30am.
    • Norman VA Center – 2nd Tues of month – 1pm & 4th Mon of month – 1pm. 405-360-5600
  • Broyles Foundation – and in OKC at 405-848-5790

United Way partnerships

  • National –
  • OKC –
  • Norman –

Blessings to you as you help others with these resources.

Get a Job (hint…don’t do these)

Crowd+business+people+jobs   For my fellow OKC friends recently downsized and looking for the next gig, here’s my Top 5 things to help you Get a Job.

  1. Ignore your heart. Taking time to grieve, searching out your passions, & understanding your Why take time and will delay your Getting a Job.
  2. Ignore your spouse/family completely so you can focus on the next job. They mostly need you to provide $ for their toys & lifestyle.
  3. Ignore your health. Exercise is a luxury you don’t have time for while you’re in the trenches…the gym/bike/P90x/Cize class can wait till you’re re-employed.
  4. Call in as many favors as possible. Even if you haven’t talked with people for years, the fact that they are in your social media circles means they will drop everything and bend over backwards to find you the highest paying next job possible.
  5. Start buying the daily paper again and “smile & dial” those Want Ads!

Seriously, I’ve had these all pop up as real ideas or suggestions and they are trash. There is a lot of legitimate advice out there these days, so spend time finding it. My real suggestions??? spend time with some quality friends & family, get away to pray & get your head on straight, then craft a battle plan to launch your YOLO career pathway. And…if you need a free 30 minute brainstorming session, just let me know and we can schedule it.

Book App – Doing Things That Matter

Most of us have the 1 message that if we had our ’15 minutes of fame’ we would want to leverage it well by sharing that 1 message with the world. This book is Tim Mannin’s 1 message. It is indeed a book about living on purpose and stringing together a series of actions over time that “matter”, but I am more impacted by what the rest if he book fleshes out…the KIND of things that matter.  

Tim’s subtitle is the ‘things’ that matter… 

Dream Wildly

Live Differently

Love Recklessly

Lead Courageously

The book details each ‘thing’ above and challenges us to act out routinely in ways that, despite conventional wisdom, lead us along a narrow road towards ultimate /eternal satisfaction. 

However, my primary application of this book is not from these items. They were valuable reminders but not new to my ‘storyline.’

The revolutionary idea of this book is the concept around being vs. doing. I was humbled as I thought through my recent prayer life focused on the things I do or should do, but little action towards becoming the person God has wired me to be. Tim’s exercise on page 48 was convicting…”Ask yourself, “Who am I becoming as a…” Then there was a list of roles in our lives to fill in the blanks on. Father, spouse, son, friend, neighbor, advocate, employee, etc…were all areas to think through our daily efforts at becoming more of who we’re wired to be. 

“Allow God to be God and you to be you because that is exactly who he wants you to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.” – p. 51

What are of becoming are you focusing on next? Mine is becoming an employee that identifies needs and attacks them. 

Book App – Visioneering


Book Application for Andy Stanley’s Visioneering. 

I have enjoyed Andy Stanley’s teaching and small group leadership materials for many years. I have especially appreciated his faithfulness to the message, continuing from his dad’s ministry, but not being afraid to repackage the message for the next generation. 

That being said, Visioneering may be the most valuable of his messages as it doesn’t espouse a canned list of Christian action steps but instead empowers people to plan, or engineer, their unique vision for the future. This has been powerful to me as I love helping to release those visions in others and believe that today’s challenges will require all of our collective visions and efforts to move forward. 

The book outlined a methodology of identifying challenges, clarifying personal steps toward solutions, and guidance on implementing those solutions. 

I was able to identify some key themes in my varied career paths, draft a version of my vision, and begin the ‘investigate before initiate’ mode. (Per the book, I can’t tell you the specific vision yet as I’m still validating it.) 

I would highly recommend the book during a season of reflection, job satisfaction analysis, retreat weekend, job change, mid life crisis, or even just trying to imagine ‘what you want to be when you grow up.’

Without revealing too much, my work/ministry vision is around bringing about financial freedom for others. If you’ve fleshed out your vision, please share!

Book App – Who Moved My Cheese?


“Cute story”… Was  what my 6 yr old, Hannah, said as I tried to explain the book. But my application of this book was far from cute. 

As a business classic, the ideas in this small book (nice for us non-readers), were anything but small. Change is inevitable but for lots of reasons we are reluctant to see if and even more so to do anything about it…until it’s too late. 

Spencer Johnson creates a ‘cute’ story of 4 individuals in a maze trying to find cheese. (Real cheese in the story but ‘cheese’ in theory of many kinds…success, obedient children, $, power, etc… ) Johnson chronicles their attempts to deal with having their ‘cheese’ moved elsewhere in the maze. 

The “cheese” had been running out for a while in my last role and I felt discouragement at not being valued in the same way as I had previously. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t comfy, but it was avoidable. Had I read the book earlier I would have monitored the cheese regularly, been prepared for the cheese move, & jumped into the maze earlier.

Some of my applications…

  • People need a healthy vision for change and the tools to overcome fear when change happens
  • Always monitor the incremental changes in your cheese to know when it’s getting old
  • Adapt quickly when change happens
  • Enjoy the adventure
  • Anticipate change & be better prepared to change & enjoy it more next time….

Have you read the book? How have you handled them moving your ‘cheese?’

Book App – Do Over

 My book application for Jon Acuff’s book Do Over:

I love Jon Acuff, and I love this book (lots more about this later) , but I acquired the book during what Jon calls a “Career Bump” (a negative and involuntary job change) and I wasn’t ready for the book.

The book sets out a great matrix of seasons when a Career Savings Account (CSA) is necessary (hint….it is Always necessary.) He defines the CSA in the following equation: (Relationships + Skills + Character) * Hustle = CSA.

The 4 seasons in particular are related to the 4 quadrants of a chart plotting the voluntary/involuntary and positive/negative continua (or is it continuums?!?) AND best yet, gives an action area related to the 4 seasons.

This book is very helpful in reminding us all that our CSA is more critical to have than even an IRA. I think the target audience should be those folks that have a solid idea of their preferred job/industry. It provides a great pathway towards maximizing that idea.

That’s why I’m not ready for it yet. I’m still working on the ‘solid idea’ so hustling or building skills applicable to every area seems impractical. I feel like the actions areas of relationships & character are in place so the book was helpful in validating those priorities.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this book in the future.

If you’ve read it and think I’ve missed something, please comment and let me know.