Book App – Doing Things That Matter

Most of us have the 1 message that if we had our ’15 minutes of fame’ we would want to leverage it well by sharing that 1 message with the world. This book is Tim Mannin’s 1 message. It is indeed a book about living on purpose and stringing together a series of actions over time that “matter”, but I am more impacted by what the rest if he book fleshes out…the KIND of things that matter.  

Tim’s subtitle is the ‘things’ that matter… 

Dream Wildly

Live Differently

Love Recklessly

Lead Courageously

The book details each ‘thing’ above and challenges us to act out routinely in ways that, despite conventional wisdom, lead us along a narrow road towards ultimate /eternal satisfaction. 

However, my primary application of this book is not from these items. They were valuable reminders but not new to my ‘storyline.’

The revolutionary idea of this book is the concept around being vs. doing. I was humbled as I thought through my recent prayer life focused on the things I do or should do, but little action towards becoming the person God has wired me to be. Tim’s exercise on page 48 was convicting…”Ask yourself, “Who am I becoming as a…” Then there was a list of roles in our lives to fill in the blanks on. Father, spouse, son, friend, neighbor, advocate, employee, etc…were all areas to think through our daily efforts at becoming more of who we’re wired to be. 

“Allow God to be God and you to be you because that is exactly who he wants you to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.” – p. 51

What are of becoming are you focusing on next? Mine is becoming an employee that identifies needs and attacks them. 


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